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DeKnudt Designspiegel

The finishing touch for your interior

Mirrors, furniture and accessories. Baroque and modern. Our webshop offers you everything you need to give your interior a complete new look or that finishing touch to set the mood.
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Styles & Collections
Foto interieur Living Hip
Baroque mirrors

The crown jewel of the collection

Beautifully refined and perfectly finished, baroque frames exude a historical power. Baroque mirrors have their own authentic identity and form the crown jewel of Usi Maison’s mirror collection.
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Jill Rocket - Usi Maison - Beaumonde
Tasteful choice

Jill's selection in Beaumonde

Usi Maison products shine in Beau Monde's beautiful photography during the interview with Jill Rocket (Jill Schirnhofer), a well-known Dutch illustrator, writer, television producer, arts and crafts queen, and actor known mainly from her popular Instagram accounts and the Dutch youth show Jill on NPO Zapp.
Jill's selection
Foto interieur Andrea de Groot
Perfect match

Andrea falls for the Rodin crest mirror

Content creator, writer and businesswoman Andrea de Groot of Living Hip has fallen for the Rodin crest mirror. She shares her passion for writing and interior design on her popular blog and social media accounts.
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Foto interieur - Spiegel DeKnudt
DeKnudt Mirrors

Traditional crafts

Mirrors create the feeling of more space and light at home. They form the centrepiece of your interior and set the mood. At Deknudt Mirrors, every mirror goes through the hands of their skilled and experienced ‘master mirror makers’.
Deknudt Mirrors
Foto interieur - spiegel Artisan

Traditional handicrafts

Bring nature into your home with Artisan furniture. Artisan’s masters believe in traditional handicrafts and have a love for wood, which provides a warm and natural atmosphere to your interior.
Furniture from Artisan
Sheep leather

Sheep leather sofas & armchairs

This classic sheep leather club armchair is like the ones used in English societies. Our webshop offers you the most beautiful sofas and armchairs for your interior.
Sheep leather sofas & armchairs
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