Andrea falls for the Rodin crest mirror

Content creator, writer and businesswoman Andrea de Groot of Living Hip has fallen for the Rodin crest mirror. She shares her passion for writing and interior design on her popular blog and social media accounts.

Perfect match

Andrea and the Rodin mirror

For a long time, Andrea had been looking for a mirror to create the feeling of more space in her home, ideally a large mirror that could be placed on the ground. One day, she saw the Rodin crest mirror at Usi Maison, and her search was over.
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Foto interieur Living Hip
Function & tips

More light and atmosphere

According to Andrea of Living Hip, mirrors have a function in a home. For example, in the bathroom, in the hallway and in dark corners. Andrea is happy to provide tips on how to make the most of mirrors in your interior:

  1. Light: Instead of a painting, place a mirror in a dark corner to reflect light.
  2. Atmosphere: Decide in advance what type of mirror suits your interior: baroque mirrors, sleek design mirrors or industrial ones with steel frames.
  3. Space: Create the feeling of more space by choosing a bigger mirror and integrating it into your interior. Place the mirror on the ground or on a dresser. Hang a nice mirror above the couch or opt for several smaller mirrors together. This way ,you can really integrate the mirrors into your interior and create the feeling of more space.
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