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Mirrors create the feeling of more space and light at home. They form the centrepiece of your interior and create atmosphere. At DeKnudt Mirrors, every mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced ‘master mirror makers’. Designing and creating the perfect mirror for your interior is what we call craftsmanship. Have a look at our collections.

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Collections with their own style

DeKnudt Mirrors offers five beautiful collections, each with their own style. There’s surely a collection that matches your unique taste.

  1. The Collectible collection features designer mirrors with that extra detail that makes them special.
  2. Do you have a unique and distinct taste? Then the mirrors from the Signature collection are perfect for you.
  3. The Essentials collection says it all. It is essential for your interior. Form is function. This collection is sleek without frills.
  4. Let your bathroom shine with a mirror from the Bathroom collection. A special collection of mirrors with extras such as lighting and an anti-fogging function. That’s handy!
  5. The Outdoor collection is specially designed to withstand the elements. A perfect purchase to create the feeling of more space for your garden, terrace and nooks.
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Traditional crafts with today’s technology

Producing the perfect mirror requires craftsmanship, and DeKnudt Mirrors has known this since 1946. Three generations have been combining traditional crafts with today’s technology, working in a small workshop in Belgium on beautiful, modern and sustainable collections for everyone.

What about sustainability? The mirrors from DeKnudt Mirrors are some of the most environmentally friendly mirrors on the market. They use some 2000 solar panels and intensively reuse water during production.

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Authentic workshop in Belgium

The mirrors from DeKnudt Mirrors are designed and produced in an authentic Belgian workshop. DeKnudt Mirrors takes the planet into account by trying to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. They do this with the help of some 2000 solar panels and by intensively reusing water. In addition, the European workshops meet the highest environmental legislation requirements, and the production process is entirely copper- and lead-free.

DeKnudt Mirrors produces internationally for manufacturers and wholesalers of bathroom cabinets. As well, they design unique mirrors for living rooms, bathrooms and gardens. DeKnudt Mirrors works with in-house designers and also collaborates with international designers. Everything is well thought out. DeKnudt’s modern mirrors meet all kinds of reflection needs, from sleek mirrors with integrated LED lighting to models that border on artwork.

Craftsmanship since 1946

Mirrors have been a passion of Deknudt Mirrors since 1946. They are created from a mix of expertise, strong ideas and high-quality materials. Deknudt Mirrors knows how to achieve a brilliant reflection by perfectly applying an ultra-thin layer of silver to a flawless glass plate. Pure Belgian craftsmanship.

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