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Silva Mikelić was born in Kotor, Montenegro. She graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, School of Design in Zagreb, Croatia, obtaining a Master of Arts in Design. She has been working for Artisan since 2013. The knowledge and experience she has gained while working at Artisan has enabled her to design products that reflect her love for wood.

A love for wood

Bring nature into your home with Artisan

Bring nature into your home with Artisan furniture. Wood is a beautiful and natural product that is inextricably linked to our lives and is the foundation of all Artisan products. Artisan’s masters believe in traditional handicrafts and have a love for wood, which provides a warm and natural atmosphere to your interior.


Traditional handicrafts and a love for wood

Artisan has a true love for wood and nature. Even though they use wood as the basis for all their products, it’s all well thought out. All Artisan products use solid wood from renewable sources. And during the manufacturing process, they use environmentally friendly materials such as vinyl-based glue, natural oils and wax.

The use of these natural products emphasises the wood’s structure, letting it ‘breathe’ naturally. The goal is to have a final product that is just as natural as where the wood came from. Artisan lets you bring nature into your home!

Artisan products available from Usi Maison

Usi Maison is an authorised Artisan dealer. Our webshop offers you part of the collection, mainly mirrors. Usi Maison is affiliated with Stichting Webshop Keurmerk and complies with the Keurmerk code. We’re also happy to give you personal advice so that you can get the ‘right feeling’.