Jill Rocket’s taste

Jill Rocket - Usi Maison - Beaumonde

Usi Maison products shine in Beau Monde's beautiful photography during the interview with Jill Rocket (Jill Schirnhofer), a well-known Dutch illustrator, writer, television producer, arts and crafts queen, and actor known mainly from her popular Instagram accounts and the Dutch youth show Jill on NPO Zapp.

Outspoken designs

Jill’s favourites: designs from Deknudt Mirrors

Jill has fallen for the outspoken designs from Deknudt Mirrors, a great brand that combines traditional crafts with today’s technology. Deknudt Mirrors works in a small workshop in Belgium on beautiful, modern and sustainable collections for everyone.

At Deknudt Mirrors, every mirror goes through the hands of our skilled and experienced ‘master mirror makers’. Designing and creating the perfect mirror for your interior is what we call craftsmanship.

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Sustainable choice

Traditional crafts with today’s technology

Producing the perfect mirror requires craftsmanship, and Deknudt Mirrors has known this since 1946. Three generations have been combining traditional crafts with today’s technology.

The mirrors from Deknudt Mirrors are some of the most environmentally friendly mirrors on the market. They use some 2,000 solar panels and intensively reuse water during production.

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