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Disinfectant for SaniFox Refill 2 Liter

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Disinfectant Refill bag for SaniFox Dispenser

Refill your SaniFox dispenser with this disinfectant refill bag. Composed of 80% ethanol and glycerine, this virus killer is based on a recipe written by the WHO (World Health Organization). It does not need water to work properly.

When using the hand cleanser, you destroy all micro-organisms such as viruses and bacteria. The medical sector also uses this recipe for disinfecting materials and hands.

A refill bag contains 2 litres of disinfectant and about 1000 shots.

  • Destroys all bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses
  • Refill SaniFox Dispenser
  • Refill without spilling

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We supply the disinfectant in a 2 liter package. This packaging can be placed directly in the cassette of the SaniFox and does not need to be poured over. You will find the instruction for the correct placement of the agent on the label.


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