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Floc Design-mirror

695,00 incl. BTW/VAT

Red and Orange shaded Design-mirror

The Floc is one of the last additions to the impressive collection of design mirrors from DeKnudt’s studio. Images and paintings by Belgian artists, painter Yvan Brutsaert and photographer Laurent Van Ausloos, form the inspiration for these mirrors. The artistic illustrations are applied to the round mirror via a screen print. These illustrations do not form a specific shape, allowing the viewer to create his own interpretation. This design mirror also works as a Rorschach stain. With the soft red and orange hues of the mirror, you create a warm effect in the room.

The counterpart of the Floc, the Flux, is an ideal partner to hang in the same room.

Designer: Mira


100 x 105 cm

Suspension: hooks are mounted on the rear of the mirror for vertical suspension.

  • Design mirror with abstract artwork
  • Powerful and warm appearance
  • Unique design

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The artfully placed spots on the Floc mirror form a replica of a real work of art. The shapes give off an illusion that you can interpret yourself, a moon landscape, explosion, or extraterrestrial spectacle. Every time the Floc is viewed, something else can be seen in it. The mystery of the Floc is emphasized by the uneven shape of the mirror. These irregularities give even more power to the originality of this design mirror.


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