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With the hand disinfection dispensers from Usi Maison, you’re choosing the best protection against viruses and bacteria. Our dispensers are from SaniFox, a Dutch company that combines sustainable technology with a stylish design, providing functional and elegant dispensers.

Why have a hand disinfection dispenser?

Provide your guests and employees with an easy-to-use automatic dispenser that can wash a thousand hands. Mount the dispenser on the wall or install the mobile column SaniFox dispenser.
The SaniFox dispenser contains a refill bag with two litres of disinfectant. Based on a formula from the World Health Organization (WHO), this disinfectant combats and eliminates all viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus.
SaniFox disinfection dispensers lets you guarantee the health and safety of everyone at your company.

The SaniFox dispensers of Usi Maison

Usi Maison has a great passion for interior and design. We have high aesthetical and quality requirements for all the products we offer, including our SaniFox products. SaniFox provides a solid dispenser that meets all the requirements of the WHO and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), all while enhancing a nice interior. Not only is SaniFox a hand disinfection dispenser that your clients, visitors and employees can use, but it also adds style to your space. There is nothing better than great Dutch design from a company known for its cleaning techniques.


SaniFox products

SaniFox is part of AquaFox, a pioneer in catering cleaning systems. With more than 4000 catering clients, they are experts in how to optimally clean glasses and hands. AquaFox converted their devices into hand disinfection dispensers with only a few small adjustments. Their refill bags and conduits have been carefully tested for sustainability and resilience for years, making SaniFox dispensers truly reliable devices.

SaniFox offers two excellent dispensers. Whether you want a disinfection dispenser to mount on the wall or a mobile column dispenser, SaniFox has you covered. Place the solid and resistant dispenser at the entrance or exit of your business, or in a common room where people gather. Thanks to SaniFox’s small size, it remains discreet and minimally present, all while being practical. SaniFox lets you guarantee everyone’s safety.


  • Mount it on the wall or install it as a column
  • Easy to replace reservoir
  • Large two-litre reservoir
  • Solid Dutch design
  • Easy to clean
  • A 100% local product

SaniFox disinfectant

SaniFox disinfectant is based on the WHO formula. The most important requirement for this formula is that it contains at least 60% ethanol in order to eliminate all micro-organisms found on hands. SaniFox uses an 80% ethanol hand disinfectant, which is more than enough. As long as your hands are not visibly dirty, using hand disinfectant is recommended. Here is how to use hand disinfectant:

Apply enough hand disinfectant to cover the entire surface of the hands.
Rub the disinfectant on the entire surface of the hands, including between fingers and fingertips.
Continue to rub until the hands are dry or for about 20 seconds.

This hand cleaner is ideally suited for the thorough and deep cleaning of your hands. The liquid dries when rubbing hands without requiring any water.


The importance of hand disinfection devices

Bacteria and viruses mainly spread through our hands. Since the start of the corona crisis, we quickly understood the importance of hand hygiene for our health. Measures such as social distancing and limiting large groups help to a certain extent, but washing our hands properly is crucial.

Washing hands with soap and water as well as disinfectant works best. Automatic dispensers like the SaniFox are the ideal solution to avoid any surface contact and minimising the risk of spreading any micro-organisms.